“Get nAiled” is an E-Sports event hosted by the gaming clan “n00b Alliance”, the first Call of Duty 4 clan in Sri Lanka. The event took place last year as well, with a participation of more than 500 individuals. The tournament featured the ever popular game ‘Call of Duty 4’ as a multiplayer challenge, and took place at the Liberty Plaza, situated in the Central City, Colombo in July 2015.

This year “Get nAiled” gets bigger and better with a participant expectation of more than 50 Call of Duty 4 and Dota 2 clans in Sri Lanka with the overall participation estimated to be around 800-900 individuals.

The competitors and spectators will mostly be of 13-25 age groups and is considered as a prime opportunity to reach a niche market of similar interest in E-Sports and ‘Gaming’.

n00b Alliance (Event host)

n00b Alliance is a leading organisation in Sri Lankan e-Sports, who has been actively participating in gaming events for the past nine years; with professional teams in popular games in e-Sports such as: Call of Duty 4, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and more. We currently have over hundred players attending tournaments in Colombo, Kandy, […]


Computer gaming and e-Sports have rapidly become the most popular choice of interactive entertainment among both teenagers and adults over the world. Gamers have formed competitive leagues and today’s computer and console gaming is considered a professional sport (e-Sport) in many countries, with millions of dollars being invested in tournaments by sponsors, and IT companies […]

Get nAiled ’16 is powered by Hutch

Hutch is the driving power behind Get nAiled ’16. Hutch is one of the leading mobile telecommunication providers that offer a range of GSM and HSPA services throughout Sri Lanka. They are a brand under the company Hutchison Whampoa which launched its services in 2004 with the aim of being a nationwide operator in Sri […]